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AX84 Lead II Tube Guitar Amplifier Projects - by Brian Schmittling

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Project description goes here...

Skill Level: ADVANCED --- Status: Ready to Build.

NOTE:  New builders should NOT attempt these projects as a first build.  All of these amp designs are VERY sensitive to layout and lead-dress.  If you don't have several builds under your belt prior to attempting one of the projects, you are NOT likely to succeed without extensive debugging, if at all.  You have been warned.

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Lead II Current Materials

Project description goes here...

Brian's Lead II Preamp Schematic

Brian's Lead II Preamp 08.11.05 Preamp Schematic For Brian's Lead II version 08.11.05
CAUTION: 3MB file.  Please right-click the file and select "Save As" to save a local copy of the file.
CAUTION: 1MB file.  Please right-click the file and select "Save As" to save a local copy of the file.

Brian's Lead II Lite Current Materials

The L2L is a medium distortion amp that takes the HO and SEL to the next level. It has more gain and distortion than either but can clean up with the guitar's volume even with the gains dimed. It offers a wide range of tones from clean to metal and is very touch sensitive.  The L2L SE is a modification that can be adapted to either the High Octane or the SEL amps just by adding a couple of terminal strips and doing a bit of rewiring and component changing.  The Lead II Lite ~ Club is a 20W push-pull amp.

Brian's Lead II Lite SE

Lead II Lite SE 09.11.24
This is the 20W Single-ended version of the Lead II Lite based on the SEL poweramp.  Note: The current power tube is a EL34 that will be replaced shortly by the standard KT88.
Lead II Lite SE Soundclip Soundclip courtesy of 3rdof3:

"L2L preamp mated with an AX84 SEL EL34 poweramp using a Gibson Les Paul Studio, 498T bridge PU, Mesa oversized 4x12 with Celestion G12T-75's, mic'ed with one Shure SM57 two inches from the speaker, aimed straight at the edge of the dust cover, into a Presonus Firebox, using Cubase SX3 with a little bass and high mid boost, doubled for her pleasure.

G1=11   G2=11   TR=5/6   MD=4/5   BS=7/8   MV=3/4

I LOVE the sound of this amp.  The more I play it, the more I think I will only be disappointed in a higher gain version.  Everything just sits right where it should tone-wise.  I can't say it enough, thanks for the help and thanks for designing my dream amp.

Brian's Lead II Lite ~ Club

Lead II Lite ~ Club 10.02.09 Schematic, bill of materials, board template and chassis layout for the 10.02.09 version of the AX84 Lead II Lite ~ Club.
Lead II Lite ~ Club Chassis 09.09.12 AX84 Chassis 3 Drill guide for 16" x 8" x 2" chassis.

Older Versions:

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