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'Help! Parts questions'
Author:Stevo (registered user: 668 posts )
Date: Sun, Feb 24th, 2008 @ 13:01 ( . )

1) Yes. There are some that require a higher power rating, and those are indicated on the schematic.

2) I don't see why not.

3) A DPDT ON-ON switch has six terminals - three pairs. The center pair is the common and depending on the switches position will connect to either of the other pairs. An ON-OFF switch on has two pairs. In one position, they are connected, in the other they are not. An ON-OFF-ON switch has six terminals like the ON-ON switch, but has three positions - the middle position is "OFF."

I'd recommend either an ON-ON or an ON-OFF DPDT for your power switch. The standby can be SPDT.

4) I'm not sure what these are, but the important thing for pots is their power rating, like normal resistors. Also, you'll want good quality pots. Poor pots can be noisy. I like Alpha pots.

5) I think most folks agree that 22 AWG wire is sufficient for amps. See [link] for a brief explanation.

6) Sounds about right.

As a final note, there are great parts vendors out there: [link] [link] [link] that specialize in parts for tube amps. I highly recommend contacting Chris H. about getting a P1 kit for starters, though, especially with this being your first build. Just visit the doberman site. Good luck.

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