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'How to get started'
Author:Chris Hurley (moderator: 7843 posts )
Date: Tue, Oct 23rd, 2007 @ 11:22 ( . )

On 10/22/2007 @ 21:30, Appelyx wrote :
How do I get started with building my first amp? I've heard this site is great for folks like me who are just starting out, but I can't find any kind of an introduction, not even in the FAQs. Is there a how-to manual? I need to know:

Welcome... If you have no real electronics background (which I suspect, since you expressed an inability to read a schematic), then a basic electronics text is in order first. I've got "Electronics for the EVeryman" and it is affordable and not too bad. I always intended to list that on the Dobermanamps.com shopping cart. I should do that...

: 1) Where is the schematic and parts list and instructions to build an amp?

Though the parts list is probably the least of your worries at the moment, these items are all available under the "AX84 Amp Projects" link at the main AX84 page.

: 2) How do I choose what to build -- do I need to build a preamp and an output amp using separate instructions and then combine the two, or is there a project that leads me through the process to build one complete preamp/amp?

I'd suggest you start with the P1 or P1-eXtreme. There is a theory document in those areas that is must-read material. Read it until it at least mostly makes sense.

: 3) Is there a glossary for acronyms and other terminology? I'm not looking for theory, mostly I need names of the various functions and the part names to build each function.

google is your friend.

: 3) How do I read a schematic - what do the symbols mean, how do I identify which symbols refer to which parts and how to connect everything?

A basic electronics book should help. The one I mentioned above isn't too long or complicated. It sells for about $25 as I recall.

: I am a DIYer with lots of mechanical things and have done some electrical work in my car and my house, and stuff like installing hard disks, RAM, power supply, and adapter cards in computers.

None of that is particularly applicable, but you can still do it. Start with the theory document or some basic electronics materials. It shouldn't take much googling to find basic electronics documents.

Its worth mentioning that this is not a spoon-fed endeavor. You're going to have to do some homework on your own to make this fly. This is basically by design.

I know very little about how an amp works and would love to build my own, especially if it does not cost too much. Thanks.

I always have to mention this when I see a statement like this. Building an amp is not an inexpensive way to get an amp. Saving money is not really a good reason to start this. Learning how to build amps so that you can build more of them is really what we're aiming for.

Start with some research on basic electronics (google or your choice of search engine), then the P1 theory document and then lets see where we are.

Don't worry about buying any parts at this point. You're not to that stage yet.

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