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'Natural finish for amps (how I do it)'
Author:basicaudio (registered user: 104 posts )
Date: Thu, Jul 19th, 2007 @ 03:00 ( . )

I had typed this up a day or so ago for someone else so I had it nearby.

Here's my way to do a wood finish for amps:

1. Sand bare wood to 220
2. Mix Boiled linseed oil, Minwax fast drying polyurethane and either Mineral
spirits naphtha or turpentine in equal parts for about a pint. It's not crucial to get it perfect at all. Naphtha is best for quick drying, mineral spirits is best to dry a little slower and lest you work a larger area.
Turpentine is about the same as min spirits as far as dry time.

3. Brush or wipe on the wood liberally as the bare wood witll soak it up well for the first coat. Keep going over dry areas until the wood doesn't soak up any more finish. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes then wipe dry with a rag. Make sure to get all the finish off as this will dry faster. Let dry
over night with a fan on the piece.
4. Repeat step 3 and let dry.
5. Get some 320 grit wet dry (Black, silicon carbide) sand paper. Brush on a coat of finish liberally and let it sit for a minute. Now sand the whole piece well with the finish on the sandpaper. You will get a thick pastey slury of varnish and wood dust which will fill in the pores of the wood, this creates a super smooth surface later. Wipe off the finish when you are done sanding everything. Make sure to get every area sanded and wiped off.It may look bad initially but it will get better...
6. Get some 400 grit sand paper and reapeat step 5.
7. Get some 600 grit and repeat step 5
8. keep going with 600 grit until you are tired of repeating it.
8. At this point you will have a super smooth surface built up.

You can go in a few directions now.
1. For a natural matte polished wood look buff with #0000 steel wool and then a clean soft cotton rag.
2. For a lustre type look buff with the steel wool and paste wax. Let the wax dry to a haze before wiping the wax off with a clean rag. Just like waxing a car.
Repeat this step a couple times at least, Then switch to a rag and very little wax. Let the wax dry completely and then buff off.
Repeate with just the wax and a rag. This is the method I use.
3. If you want a glossy mirror finish buff with steel wool and then spray
with a can of minwax gloss poly. Be careful with dust and spray light coats. This look looks like plastic
coated wood to me, so I don't use this finish...

That's about it.


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