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'Guitar output'
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Date: Mon, Jun 11th, 2007 @ 20:43 ( . )

On 06/11/2007 @ 19:14, Jeff S wrote :

: That cat is also afraid of the sight of a large vacuum tube that has a plate cap connection, dare I say why ;-)

For the FAQ:

Q: I'm having some oscillations in my amp and I don't have any chopsticks. Can I use a cat?

A: A cat is less than optimal for use as a debugging aid in amps. They have less impedance than is desired for chopsticking around inside of a live chassis. If they are properly grounded through their rear feet or tail, they can safely be used, but since both hands are required to hold them while probing around, it isn't very safe. Especially with top-cap type power tubes, such as an EL-509 as cats have a tendency to grab and pull anything that looks out of place, and most cats have only been exposed to normal octal and noval tubes without top caps. If the cat has been properly dessicated and stuffed with non-conductive material, such as styrofoam, teflon, or another dessicated cat, it can be used safely. When submitting a cat to a taxidermist for stuffing, request that one claw on each front paw be extended. These are great for very delicate movement of wires as they partially wrap around the lead and release only when the cat is rotated. Also, have one of the front paws bent 90-degrees downward at the wrist. This can be used to move hard-to-access wires such as are found under turret-boards. That being said, all standard safety rules apply.

This sure beats working.


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