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'I think everyone shoudl post their info'
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Date: Thu, Jan 04th, 2007 @ 13:49 ( . )

On 01/04/2007 @ 12:46, frickecello wrote :
On 01/04/2007 @ 11:40, sdp1234 wrote :
: I know many of the folks here are engineers and I love thier input although it takes months to understand some of the concepts. Did you learn this by experiance or do you have a background in math, electronics or engineering?
: :
: : If you learn by experiance, how much time do you spend messing with amps and equiptment.
: :
: : I've been trying to learn this stuff for three years. Just when I think I'm starting to get a handle on it there is a post like yours and I think "geez.. I don't know anything"
: :
: : Thanks for the information it will be very helpful in the future!
: : At the same time, thanks for making me feel very slow and stupid :)
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: Im a robotics engineering student, so I didnt had much valve audio circuit background... I think the first of all is understanding HOW electric circuits work, what are the do's and dont's, and to be able to analyze information (internet sources) to see if it is correct, I have found many mistakes and old school electronic applications in lots of "correct" circuits...
: These books are great! :
: * Electric Circuits - Nilsson. (truly a classic) (basic calculus required: LaPlace transform, Fourier transform is the most advanced skills needed for this book)
: * Valve amplifiers - Morgan Jones. (to the hobbyist)
: * High Power Audio Amplifier Construction Manual -Randy Slone. (covers solid state amps and signal conditioning filters, has a very good valve vs SS mythbuster section, hobbyist and technical range no engineer's math required)
: * The Ultimate Tone Modifying and Custom Building Tube Guitar Amps Vols. I & II - Kevin O'Connor (I think the most comprehensive valve books available, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
: I think that is all you need, of course there are lots of great books, but you will have a solid reference with those books on your bench. Little calculus is needed (basic stuff like differentiation and integration).

Honestly, one of the things that i wish this board had is a user profile where everyone could post their backgrounds. I think that knowing how people came to the knowledge that they have is very helpful in directing everyone's studies.

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