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Welcome to AX84® the base camp for tube (valve) electronics hobbyists.

AX84 exists to provide:

1) A great environment to learn about music-related electronics in general. AX84 is a place where those with experience are interested in helping diligent beginners who are willing to do their homework.

2) A place where those with more experience can field their ideas to peers and get useful feedback.

3) An environment that respects the past, but is not enslaved by it. INNOVATION IS GOOD (and it didn't die in the 1950s.) There are new things under the sun every day. Move the ball forward!

Our HUGE discussion area is under 'Discussion Forum' to your left.

We are hard at work improving the site- check back often!

Recent Forum Threads
"CF plate exceeds datasheet - how's that?"
Posted By Denny Gracey on 05/24/2016
I'm sure someone has asked this question somewhere on the forum but I can't seem to track it down. All makes of 12AX7's seem to have a max plate of 300-330V yet the stock SEL CF states 325 (mine runs ...

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"DC-30 style amp"
Posted By Doug I on 05/23/2016
I'm wanting to build a DC30 style amp but am unsure on a few things.

I don't know what transformers and choke to use, as the ones on the schematic I have found are no longer in production:

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"New 6F4P Push Pull project "
Posted By CptVico on 05/22/2016
This is my second own design. It is based on a push-pull of 6F4P (Russian triode/pentode tubes similar to the ECL84).
The schematic, LTSpice simulation and pictures of the prototype can be found here...

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"Custom Chassis New"
Posted By Gruszie on 05/22/2016
Oh everyone, here are some photo of the chassis I will be selling soon. Check them out and let me know if anyone is interested in ordering one or more soon. It will take me a few weeks to build up an ...

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"Line Out / Headphone for Blackface style Preamp"
Posted By iefes on 05/21/2016
Hello all,

I'm new to this forum but have been around the page for a while and already got to learn a lot! Thanks for that!

I just build a simple blackface style tube preamp running from a 12V p...

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